Did you see someone you adore and can’t live without on our available dogs or available cats pages?  Please be sure to fill out an application right away before someone else does!   Our #1 priority is to match animals with families that have similar lifestyles and needs.  Upon receipt of your application, one of our volunteers will contact you.  If the criteria for what you are looking for in a new addition to your family fits with that of the personality traits of the animal you are interested in, we will arrange for a home check to ensure the animal you are adopting will assimilate into your home environment.  Once this is completed,  we set up an adoption appointment for you and everyone in your family (dogs included).  If at your meet and greet it is a good match, you have the option to adopt your new family member right away and take them home with you.  We do not hold animals, so if you decide not to adopt that day, we cannot guarantee that they will not be adopted by another family.  Many of our animals have waiting lists.

Our minimum donation/adoption fees are:

  • $295 for puppies under 6 months of age
  • $250 for dogs 6 years and under
  • $100 for dogs 7 years and older
  • Bonded adult pairs are $335
  • $125 for kittens under 6 months of age
  • $100 for cats 6 months and older

All but $50 can be considered a tax deductible donation to our non-profit organization (please check with your tax professional). All animals come spayed/neutered, microchipped, and are up to date on all shots (puppies and kittens may require additional shots depending on the age they are at the time of adoption).

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Every effort has been taken to ensure our online adoption applications are error free.  However, technology is well, technology.  If you have any issues with these online forms, please send an email to to request an application that can be completed and returned to us via fax or email.

Thank you for rescuing!

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